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Chinyere Williams

Chinyere Williams is a Holistic Health Coach. She helps her clients end the merry-go-round of symptom chasing so they begin healing from the inside out. She takes her clients on a deeply private journey to healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; allowing them to connect more closely to who they really are and enabling them to fully step into all of their gifts they are meant to share with the world. Her work is designed for women who are looking to uncover and heal the true root cause of their autoimmune or chronic dis-ease, find more peace and calm in their minds and connect more deeply to their self-expression and purpose.


Chinyere is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Functional Nutrition Alliance, Transformational Coaching Method and many other programs in the field of holistic nutrition and wellness with over 9 years working with clients in groups and in private, 1:1 coaching.  After experiencing her own autoimmune illness for over 5 years, she permanently healed her Hashimoto’s with the approach she now teaches her clients.

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